Creations inspired by nature, animals, music, magic and mystery. fueled my imagination and mixed with love…from paintings and textile art, to jewellery and boxes An artist, maker,and enthusiastic explorer of the world around me.

Why Silver Hare and Moon?

Silver Moon… because I love the moon, its light and moods, and silver because it is the colour and precious metal I am always drawn to.
Hares because I adore these magical and elusive creatures.
The work I create is mostly inspired by both, but I am drawn to all things connected to nature, the myths and folklore and the spirit and energy of the land I live in.
I live in a stunning, inspirational valley in Snowdonia,Wales surrounded by tall slate strewn mountains, rivers that tumble down to the nearby sea, trees contorted by the wind and rain and soft purple heather that cloaks the mountain slopes in late summer.
I am primarily a visual artist and have exhibited my work throughout the UK, but I do like to explore new creative outlets including creating jewellery, textile pieces, boxes and even writing poetry.

Bev Dunne 2014


2 Responses to About

  1. oldscratch101 says:

    Your painting is lovely and I look forward to seeing more from you.


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